Our advice: Don’t quit your job just yet!

It takes time and effort to build and maintain a blog. You may have to wait for months before you start seeing any income from blogging. If you are a new blogger, it takes an average of at least 3-6 months for your blog to make a decent passive income.

If you want a consistent full-time income, you may have to spend 1-2 years on your blog.

While there are always exceptions, this is generally the amount of time you need to give to your blog to make serious money from it.

There are bloggers that start making money from day one, but please don’t go in with the pretense that you’ll start making a full-time income from it within a month because that’s not usually the case. There’s too much to build and too much to learn before you begin to generate a revenue stream from your blog.

The silver lining through it that the revenue from blogs usually goes up with time. That is, of course, unless you stop blogging.

How long does a blog take to make money? Give your blog time and continue adding quality content to it. You will start seeing results soon enough.

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